Torpedo Submarine Battles 1.000

Torpedo Submarine Battles 1.000: Take part as a submarine in naval battles across the world`s oceans and seas submarine. Destroy and sink ships such as the versatile destroyer, the long-range missile cruiser and the mighty battleship. Move your submarine effortlessly around the battlefield using keyboard controls while you get into position to launch your torpedos. Beware of enemy torpedos from destroyers and other submarines however lest you fall to the depths yourself. The various ships in the game have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The submarine

Submarines II Screen Saver 1.01: Protect your monitor with photos of Navy Submarines.
Submarines II Screen Saver 1.01

Protect your monitor with photos of Navy Submarines. See 100 images of different Attack Submarines, Fleet Ballistic MissileSubmarines and Guided Missile Submarines.Over two dozen visual effects can appear between images. Plus, each of the photos can be displayed as your desktopwallpaper. Customize the program to your liking with several appearance and behavior options, all accessed from a clean,tabbed window. This screen saver contains 100 photos

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Scrambled Submarine 2.3

It`s been years that the underwater monster gives no rest to people. It`s sinking submarines, commercial crafts, and even comes out of the sea on land with no one to stop it. You and your submarine are the stronghold for the whole humankind. The underwater world is full of dangers and adventures, you’re a stranger here, and the monster is in his home, and not alone. The best defense is an attack! Go ahead, brave captain!

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Submariner 1.0: Your one stop place for all your Rolex needs.
Submariner 1.0

Your one stop place for all your Rolex needs, specializing in the Rolex Submariner, come check us out for all the latest facts. For the Discerning gentlemen, who deserves the very finest..Grab your facts, books and parts at Check us out for your next purchase of an authentic Rolex with piece of mine, guaranteed !

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Navy Threat Screensaver 2.0: Download Navy Threat screensaver and enjoy submarine mystery!
Navy Threat Screensaver 2.0

This mesmerizing animated screensaver turns your desktop into a submarine action. Huge submarines, purple clouds on the horizon, brilliant reflections on the water, lonely seagulls and the great pressure of tons of water will impress you. Download Navy Threat screensaver and enjoy submarine mystery!

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Up Periscope! 1.1: Collection of over 40 works of submarine art in many media types, with music.
Up Periscope! 1.1

The over 40 art works of submarines depicted here start with a pen and ink drawing of the Confederate submarine CSS H.L. Hunley up to a Oil on masonite, 1986 of Ballast Point, San Diego. They include the many watercolors that Georges Schreiber did of the ill fated USS Dorado in 1943. Other subs represented are USS Barracuda, Submarine R-10, USS Nautilus, USS Sablefish, USS Seacat, SSBN Nathanael Greene, USS Clamagore and USS Greenling.

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Battle At Sea 13.0: It`s your battleship against the fleets of enemy submarines, in an all out war!
Battle At Sea 13.0

This free game will give you many hours of enjoyment. You control a destroyer at the top of the screen. You must move out of the way of deadly underwater missiles that are launched from enemy submarines. You must destroy the enemy submarines by hitting them with depth charges you drop. This program features: 20 Different Levels, Numerous 3d Modeled Enemies, Different Enemy Weapons, Increasing Skill Levels, Keyboard or Joystick Support

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